2FA mobile authentication Suggestion for BTCUI forum security.

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25 Jun 2018, 14:15

Hi, there are many hackers are active in crypto world and I feel there is no security in forum just like mobile/google authentication. if any security available please guide me how I secure my BTCUI wallet thanks.

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25 Jun 2018, 14:24

you have 2 secure wallets.

1. this forum
2. unicorn exchange wallet.

Let me explain why those two wallet are the best secure.

Cold storage, even if hacker hacks your account and steal you BTCUI, they will only steal number, not your crypto. By using cold storage we only send BTCUI once you done your request.

I recomend you to use unicorn exchange as a wallet.
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25 Jun 2018, 14:54

If 2FA isn't present you can always employ your own security measures and take the onus of responsibility in your own hands as much as possible with safe password practices.

Ie, long 8+ non-sensical alpha/numeric/special char passwords, that are copy/pasted rather than typed into the entry field, never use the same password on multiple websites and never share passwords. I think @Konohime poted something awhile ago about the difficulty in brute forcing long passwords with multiple chars and the longer and more complex the password/passphrase was the more it seemed highly unlikely anyone would spend anywhere near the time required to crack a password.
In this day and age everyone is probably already doing this and many other things, but still its worth noting just in case.

Good suggestion though, although, if it was available I'd prefer it was optional. I rather just have a stupidly made up password than have to use 2FA for every single thing I log in too.
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