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Add Token

Posted: 10 Apr 2018, 11:51
by Crajkaro
To add an ERC20 Token on our exchange:

Opion 1 : Simple Listing
Pay only 0.10ETH to be added

Option 2 : Listing + Tweet = 0.15 ETH

Option 3 : Listing + Tweet + Newsletter = 0.2 ETH

Option 2 : Listing + Tweet + Newsletter + Airdrop = 0.5 ETH

Send ETH to: 0xc46AC314fA9Ce95667031a26fffE05827Af6F192
Then send an email to:

Our eXchange :

Create a new topic in this forum with the name of your Token => viewforum.php?f=294
Full description of the token with your logo.
Link to the etherscan contract.

Tokens with more comments from your community will be added at launch.

Inform your community that we do not tolerate the flood and that we offer quality comments, so your brand image !!

Good trade