No minimum amount, you can buy just $ 1 to support the project

Round 1 - Bonus 20% (until Halving1) : BTCUI = 0.000010
Round 2 - Bonus 10% (until Halving2) : BTCUI = 0.000030

Round 3 - Bonus 5% (untilHalving3) : BTCUI = 0.000075
Round 4 (ICO) : BTCUI = 0.000150

You can buy BTCUI directly => Etherdelta

Stop Tabac Coin - STCn

Forum rules
The community has decided to activate a Kard Fork on Twitter.

In this case: You do not lose your STCn and you can recover the new Token BTCUI :)
For 1 STCn, you will receive 1.5 BTCUI

For it :

1 / You must have your STCN on a Wallet compatible ERC20 (MEW) and not on an exchange.

2 / If you are not yet registered on the forum, you have to introduce yourself to the community in the right section: viewforum.php?f=2

3 / Open a new topic on the forum STCn with this title: Username SWAP - Number of STCn

4 / Crajkaro will make a comment asking you to perform a micro-transaction to verify that you are the holder of the wallet

5 / Send the STCN dust to: 0xB65c15280084552A4c29FdB94EAABB34053E7CF3

6 / Under the message of Crajkaro: post your transaction link

7 / You will receive your BTCUI

8 / It's over, Welcome to the community of Bitcoin Unicorn, together we will bring this Token to 1 €

Finished February 18
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