The Richest banker

haithemfar 309,990.00
JunkoGin 302,811.00
Bouriffe 299,971.99
bruno0702 281,106.84
caramesh04 232,374.00
Crajkaro 219,299.00
RogerShen 166,940.12
Konohime 108,171.44
piccolo69kik 90,142.32
iulian73 83,929.00


Your are here in our bank. We only count low costs for a payout, but we also pay money with a defined interest rate. If you open an account, you can save your money from being robbed. So it’s worth to think about it.


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Bank Information

Interest Rate:
Period for payout of interests:
1 month
Max. value for interests:
300,000.00 BTCUI
Account costs per period:
10.00 BTCUI
Minimum deposit:
10.00 BTCUI
Minimum withdrawal:
100.00 BTCUI
Total opened accounts:
Total Holdings:
3,983,772.47 BTCUI