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New era from crypto world.

Another legend was born.
The first time on crypto world, there is a forum........used blockchain technology on their site.
They was made to be ruled. Who are they?. They are The Unicorn.

What do we do?. We are standing here to make your story with a good ending.

We were ready for an idea to bring people on crypto world together to mine crypto as different way.
We make a dream come true. You can own a valueble of yourself and others.
We value your value. We make your value be real.

How does it work?
BTCUI was designed simple to use. It is a smartcoin and friendly to use for everyone.

Why should you choose BTCUI?. Why do we make it?
Bitcoin Unicorn is not inspried by something. It is inspried itself.

Forget a way mining traditions because they are outdated like grandmother.
We want to show the world another something new in mining coin.

Everything was started from an idea was born. Our thought about mining coin.
Mining coin with energy is full of bullshit. Why the fuck do not they create a coin without mining?.
They can create a coin without mining.
Mining with energy waste is just a way which make everything more difficulty and waste time :shock: .
BTCUI is not like that. BTCUI is mining without energy.
When you are mine BTCUI means you are mining yourself.
We use an energy from human brain like Matrix to mine BTCUI. Why do we say that?.
Because The only way to mine BTCUI on our BTCUIchain is posting, comment, create a topic and faucet.
We created BTCUI to exploit a value of yours.BTCUI is your energy brain.
We pay a BTCUI for every your active on forum. We put yourself on market.
Did you know you are the price of BTCUI?.

BTCUI is more profitable than you think. That is a fundamental shift in crypto world.
As we all know, There is too much project. But they're not built to care yourself. They do not fucking care about what you think. But BTCUI is at different level. We always listen your will as your will.
Complaints from customers including trading execution in tons of lag that jesus can not return, long delays in dealing with customer support, and loss of funds are rampant.
Value of yourself is low as FUCK and existing platforms are being used for lack of good alternatives.
That is a true reason why we make BTCUI in terms of innovative ,performance, stability, and lowest costs (0% per transaction).


We built BTCUI with privacy and security to hide your ass.
That we (DEV team) do not know each other. No one can know who you are on BTCUI.
How can others project protect your private when they do not know how to protect their private.
Information about the BTCUI development team is confidential. We are anonymous on the internet.

what have we done for you lately?. We got your back.
Forget bitcoin, asshole. They do not have any real product. But we have. We have a real product.
We are proven. We are predictable. We are profitable. BTCUI is then, now and future.

We can supply a place to complete blog bounty from any project.
We can supply a place to everyone can be standing here to read all new in crypto world. We need a BTCUI News.
We can supply a place to post referral links.
We can supply a place to create crypto meme.
We can supply a place have freedom of speech on crypto world.
We can supply a place for any project introduce their ICO free.
We can supply a place to complete a signature bounty like bitcointalk
We can supply a place to get coin easy way everyday
We make sure about it is free to everyone. However, We intend to create some paid services in the future.

BTCUI, it shapes the future. BTCUI, it makes the future.
It is absolutely future. All decision is on your hand.
We will be standing there on the way of future.
You are the price of BTCUI.

All we do that is to make a profit for you. To serve you that is our pleasure.
And Finally I want to say that We are THE UNICORN. Do you want to be a part of us?. Thanks for your attention

Missed the BTC rocket in 2009?
Climb the unicorn now!

Total Supply : 84,000,000
Circulation : 16,489,558
Next Halving : At 24,000,000
Holders : 3824
ATH : 0.000028 ETH (Feb-01-2018 07:04:22 AM +UTC)
MarketCap : $ 4,473,000 USD

Info for MEW
Contract: 0x5f2ec9cf1ec1c0e2c880b6584921e812a4225395
Symbol: BTCUI
Decimal: 8
Supply: 84,000,00

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