Bitcoin Unicorn

Bitcoin Unicorn is a new generation cryptocurrency inspired by the 3 most beautiful projects by improving them : Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum.


BTCUI pays tribute to Bitcoin, the queen of Crypto
Only bitcoin is no longer used as currency but as a store of value

BTCUI borrows the Litecoin supply
More chips = less speculation = more real use

BTCUI turns on Blockchain Ethereum
Faster than BTC and a cheaper user fee

In economics, a unicorn is a project that reaches 1 billion dollars ... You now know our ambition of Market Cap for Bitcoin Unicorn :-)

Missed the BTC rocket in 2009?
Climb the unicorn now!

Total Supply : 84,000,000
Circulation : 5,145,0035

Free Mining for all

Bitcoin Unicorn is a revolutionary project because the mining and the creation of the currency is done by writing on the internet!


Info Bitcoin Unicorn

Contract: 0x5f2ec9cf1ec1c0e2c880b6584921e812a4225395
Symbol: BTCUI
Decimal: 8
Supply: 84,000,00